Is your hospitality staffing agency working for you? Are they sending you qualified, competent candidates or do you feel that they don’t really know you or your business at all? Do you know what your staffing agency should be doing? Here are three critical responsibilities and obligations of your hospitality staffing agency. See how your agency stacks up.


Your staffing agency will begin by performing a complete audit of your needs and expectations. When it comes to hospitality staffing, one size does not fit all. Many agencies will try to create standard criteria for specific jobs with little or no flexibility for variations. They do not take into consideration any special needs your facility may have such as skill level, training, and experience. A good hospitality staffing agency will recognize that your facility has its own unique needs – and they will work to meet them.

This often means that you will have an account manager assigned to you who will take the time to understand your needs and expectations. They will meet with you and get to know you and your company. This may mean several face to face meetings or it could even mean visiting your facility. The bottom line is, they will do what it takes to ensure that you get exactly what you need.


It is your staffing agency’s responsibility to ensure that the hospitality staff they select for you are fully qualified with the skills, training, and experience you need. Some agencies will do some cursory testing to see where the candidate is in regard to skills and knowledge, but it often ends there. A good placement agency will treat your hire as if it were their own. They will vet the candidates as if they were hiring them for their own company.

While aptitude tests are important, there are other tests and processes that should be completed to ensure that the candidate is indeed a good fit for your facility. Background checks, skills tests, education verification, and past employment authentication are also very important. When a candidate is fully vetted in this manner, you get to see a bigger, more complete picture of them as a person as well as an employee. These are people who will be representing your business. You will be trusting them with certain aspects of your business. You want the most qualified applicants possible. It takes a little work to make sure they are right. Look for a staffing agency that is willing to go the distance.


In the hospitality industry, health and safety are extremely important, not just employee safety on the job, but also safe practices. Hospitality staff work so intimately with the public, they have an increased risk of affecting the safety of your establishment’s patrons. When you hire staff, you expect them to have the relevant health and safety certifications that are required by the industry, your city, and your business. Not every staffing agency checks for this, so you need to be vigilant because noncompliance can be costly.

A good staffing agency will check and verify all legally required health and safety requirements as well as any requirements that you have specifically for your business. They will know you and your company, have a complete profile so that they know your personal standards regarding health and safety training and certification as well as compensation. Then they will work to ensure that those standards are met – even those that are unique to your business. In short, you want a hospitality staffing agency that goes above and beyond to meet your needs regarding hiring permanent or temporary staff. Hospitality staffing is often a time consuming job, but we make it easier.

Whether you are interested in hiring temporary hospitality staff or you’re looking for something permanent, Alrich Hospitality Staffing can help. We will find the right candidates to fit your needs and vet them to ensure that they are fully qualified. Trust us with your hospitality staffing needs. Call today and talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives to get started.